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august. the volume is low. we'll be fine. here's the final bell. neil cavuto will bring you context and perspective. i'll see you tonight. until then, have a great afternoon. >> neil: back at work and back to pitching what the president says has worked. not health care. not the irs. not the nsa. it has something to do with where you keep your money, and the president says, you're not only better off for it, you're safer for it and richer for it. believe it. bank on it. so why are so many doubting it? >> neil: welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. dodd frank might not roll off the tongue but the president says the financial law has stopped banks from rolling you in headaches, in corruption in everything but these, because whether it's atm surcharges, or
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monthly checking account fees soaring, you are paying to date 77 different dodd-frank regulations have cost consumers and businesses more than $15 billion. and that is with only 40% of the dodd-frank financial law in place. to fox business charlie gas -- who shudders at the costs. >> the ultimate cost which is -- we still have too big to fail. the bank institutionalized riecks and they're still going to bail them out. >> neil: the president says that isn't going to happen. we remember the litany of the president's comments on the issue, whether you can be too big to fail. >> these reforms well bit an don't taxpayer bailout. >> end the day of taxpayer bailouts. >> put a stop to taxpayer bailouts once and for all.
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>> where does it say that in the bill? there's nothing in the bill that stops bailouts. are you going to let jp morgan go under? $3 trillion worthing worth of assets to blow up and to spread systemic risk? it ain't going to happen and there's nothing in this bill that says there will be no more bailouts. there are bailout mechanisms. ways to work these things out. so i say this. read the fine print. there's not that stops too big to fail. >> neil: something that might thwart it is demand banks have more money on hand. >> that's okay. >> neil: does that do anything? >> it does some things but here's the problem. they should really break up these banks. the president shows no willingness. the reason why is since the financial crisis you have risk, risk. the -- all the assets, all the bets the guys placed, housed in seven institutions, not 12, not 15. seven. and that creates a powder keg.
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if citigroup blows up, there's a london whale at jp morgan, that means they have three times as much risk. >> neil: we haven't taken any of the risk away. institutions -- >> there's more -- we have taken some of it because there's nor capital. but you didn't need dodd-frank. dodd-frank goes beyond just capital. there are costs involved new york consumer agencies -- >> neil: already seen atm fees, no longer free checking. >> we reported today. neil: how much more? >> we reported this today. fox business reported that jp morgan is going to spend billions of the next year in regulatory sort of compliance costs. that comes out of somewhere. that is going to be -- the customer is going to pay for that. >> neil: in what i would? >> higher fees, you name it. no more free checking. that's a thing of the past. and i think the more simple way to do this -- the only thing i can think of why the president doesn't want to break up the
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banks, he likes regulating big banks. that's where the money is. he can go to the banks for campaign contributions, and when the federal government is focused on seven institutions, it's easier to basically extort what it wants from them. that's why i think he doesn't want to break it up. if you break up the banks it be easier to regulate. >> neil: we could still have another like 2008? >> you never say never. you don't know what the next -- >> neil: supposed to make it harder. he is meeting with the sec heads, various financial agencies and saying, what can we do to foster -- >> i will say this. there were lots of regulations on the books before 2008. the other thing is that one of the reasons why we had a 2008, because you had bank access, like customer deposits that are insured, merged with risky assets. when we ended brant stiegel, these big banks were created. glass stiegel has not been reversed. you still have -- don't have that separation.
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and the president seems to leak the fact we have big banks in this country. i don't know why. they're easier to regulate when they're smaller and they apparently lent more because they have to hold less capital. >> neil: we have to not go too far because abroad those financial institutions are getting bigger and bigger. if ours get smaller, we're at a disadvantage. >> i had that exact argument with morgan chase, and why does goldman sachs still have clients. and if they are able to compete with deutsche bank, why can't jp morgan? >> neil: good point. unwritten camaraderie among these guys and the president served their interests very nicely. >> absolutely. >> neil: major healthcare law announcement. not quite. >> a new exciting online video contest. we have $30,000 in prizes that are up for grabs, and a contest
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that showcases the law's benefits and importance of health insurance for young people. >> neil: me, me, me, i want in. but will young people really bite or simply opt out and accept the small penalty. town hall's guy benson has his doubts you think, contest or no, not going to move the meter much? >> who isn't thrilled and excited by kathleen sebelius and her various arguments. last month she was comparing opponents of obamacare to segregationists and now introducing an exciting new video contest funded by tax dollars i'm skeptical. you might point out that team obama has been very good at persuading young people. they won the youth vote in 2008, and last year. this isn't just voting. this i money, and if you're the obamacare folks you have to persuade near universal participation among young people for the funding mechanism, the
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entire game plan for the law to work out, and the calculus is not rocket science. it's pretty simple for young, healthy people. it's really a raw deal for them, especially if they're going to be trying to buy obamacare on the individual market. >> neil: the bottom line is for young guys like you, you really have no incentive to buy. even with the penalty, you are you weigh everything and say, i'll take my chances and not bother. >> so, next year in 2014, when this law is supposed to get off the ground -- although we have seen the various delays and might be more -- it's a $95 individual mandate tax, or 1% of your income. 95 bucks really isn't all that much. it makes all the sense in the world to pay that $95 and remain uninsured and here's why if you're a young person. let's say, god forbid you get into a really bad accident. normally you want a catastrophic insurance plan if you're young and healthy but you can't have
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that anymore because of obamacare. you're mandated up. that why it costs costs so muchu stay unemployed you have this accident, you go to the hospital where they're legally required to treat you at the hospital, called uncompensated care, and then when there's the next enrollment period under obamacare, there is a new law called guaranteed issue. which means that if you have a preexisting condition, i.e., your problem you got once you got hit by a bus or whatever it was, that is your preexisting condition, they have to take you. at a relatively inexpensive rate. then you have incentive to sign up. but if you don't, that's a real problem. it causes what they call a death spiral in the industry where you have people sitting on the sidelines, waiting until they're sick or injured and then choosing to participate. it can't -- >> neil: that's not good because young people like yourself are supposed to be the denominateor here and pay for going going guys like miss. so you're not paying in, this
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thing goes bad. >> that might be the goal. harry reid, the most influential shall senator in terms of getting the law threwthrough, he admitted it's unsustainable, a placeholder law and just a step towards fully government run single payer health care like you see in great britain and canada. >> neil: might bev the strategy all along. if you want to take your mind off all of this and just shop, if you're trying to do it on you had difficulties today. the site was having problems of people logging in and buying anything. it was all but shut down. we don't know whether it was hacked, or whether it was technical problems, but if it rings a bell it should. last week alone times, "washington post," "new york times," even mark zuckerberg's page were all hacked, up a innovated. a trend that continues now with
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neil: to egypt now. the military says it needs to reassess its relationship with us so how about we reassess this. the more than one and a half million dollar west give that military. lawmakers calling to cut the aid up. mike baker says just do it now. mike, you have always been a critic of throwing good money after bad. now it's bad and now the folks who are getting it are reassessing their relationship with that i y
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would call it chutzpa. >> not the word that comes to mind. the fascinating thing is the reasons why now some of the members on capitol hill are talking about cutting off the aid. it's a little bit surreal in a sense, but we didn't have any problem with giving aid to moore si and the muslim brother ahold while they were busy removing rights of citizens and marching towards an islamic state. now the military is in there and what folks on capitol hill are calling a coup and they're outraged and want to pull out the aid, as if somehow that is going to give us leverage or that's going to send a message to the military in egypt. i say, look, i just don't want to throw more money down the toilet. i don't want to say i think this money pulling it back is going to make a difference. i'm just saying, let's have a conversation that says it's not in our national security interest necessarily right now to be throwing more money into
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egypt while they're in the middle of this chaotic mess. >> neil: this happens the same day hosni mubarak started this chain of events. he is going to be released and a few weeks ago they were going to put him to death now. he is going to be released way. is going on over there snow who would be our friend? >> it's a very good question. frankly, the muslim brotherhood, we should not be under any misunderstanding that somehow they're a peace-loving democratic group that just wanted happiness and unicorns for all. they, again -- it's sharia, islamic state. that's what they want. and so this idea that there's a good side and a bad side. the egyptian military has been our ally. it's been decades now that they have been on our side. we're worried about the camp david accord, and the camp david accord is usually what is cited for a reason not to stop the
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aid. and that somehow that is the linchpin for continuing the camp david accord. but looking at this situation, frankly, if we're honest with ourselves, the best thing that could happen is that the egyptian military gets the mess under control. we're not going to see an inclusive government. we tend to mirror or values all the time overseas, whether it's afghanistan, a federal pseudo democratic government or iraq, and -- so we're doing the same thing in egypt. we're thinking if they could all just get to at the table and be clues skiff and the muslim brotherhood could work with the egyptian military. that's insane. that's not how it works. >> neil: mike baker, good having you. it is not just republicans. even some democrats are turning on the president when it comes to snooping. they're warning about more nsa violations as senate judiciary chief patrick leahy calls hearings to look into the
1:17 pm
snooping. former carter operative remembers all too well when the lawmakes turned another that president. what's going on here? >> what is happening is the democrats finally -- some of them remembering what their belief is, just as the republican party is divided on this, democrats who went after bill clinton in his administration, on wireless wires, carter learned when you cross them there is a strong feeling and a lot of democrats have it, and when widen and udall get up and say, by the way, those violations that never were, the president and the press conference, there are no violations, it's all theoretical, he has a press conference at the nsa and says that? and they're saying, this is the tip of the iceberg? this country has already decided overwhelmingly, except for those people in the national security
1:18 pm
agency, that there's something wrong with this. >> neil: what happens when many in your own party -- part of the majority, yes, nancy pelosi raised some hackles about it but nothing approach what shed did with president bush on the same subject. do you think this i akin to when democrats turned on jimmy cart center. >> when they decided -- we were talking about more centrist -- when they turn on us, the same sort of thing, they finally remembered there's some things they believe in. for now almost five years, the bulk of the democratic party has suppressed its own beliefs in its own values, to, we have to be for obama, we have to roll over and play dead. he has a danger. young people are -- who are part of his base are saying, no thank you on this. democrats -- remember, as i said to you, this is a new paradigm. libertarians and republicans, this is true he a country at large, 72% of americans,
1:19 pm
according to rasmussen, believe that. the nsa information is being used against judges and other government officials. 79% believe it's being used against them eye. sorry. they've lost us and when the president gets up and is either clueless or disingenuous, and other people, including unfortunately the people who i like at this -- saying, no, no, this is a great thing. we have to have it. and they keep doing this? i'm sorry. the country moved on. but for the democrats it's the first real crack in that solidarity of, we must be for obama because if we don't -- >> neil: it's too late to hurt the president politically. but you argue it could hurt whoever goes forward here, either mid-terms or next presidential election. >> it means for the first time they're starting to say, no, and that could affect, whether it's hillary clinton, the mid-terms or -- the people want to line up in defense of this, which they're saying, no, and when they get exposed, it just puts
1:20 pm
a. neil: focused on republicans and the infighting over the libertarians. you argue this has more oomph to it. >> because it's the first crack in the democratic coalition, because republicans can't figure out how to appeal to the government. this this left wing of the party and a lot of its center. the first time this has happened. >> neil: you don't think it dies on the vines or peters out as other scandals, certainly given the main stream media attention. >> it's given up because the media has given up and the republicans incompetence at handling the issue. the public knows the irs is dangerous. they know benghazi. i believe boehner and others for falling down in the media. you see the other democrats holding their nose on that. this is too scary for them and i think the people should behave on their principles. and if that happens, you can shatter that democratic coalition. it's already happening. that's why the president tried to have that phony press conference.
1:21 pm
>> neil: i take it you're past being fan. >> i'm sorry. i guess i've lost my fandom. yes. >> tonight, another democratic very worried about this resolve within his own party. former democratic senator on why what a lot of pat was saying is right and he is worried. why worry when you could be paid, well, nothing. when government benefits benefit those who prefer just staying home. being active. and being with this guy. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. taking care of our customers. taking care of her. and the next thing on our list is bungee jumping. [ male announcer ] helping you --
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now that's what's important to us.
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>> neil: why work when it pays to bell on welfare. my next guest crunching numbers. here is what he found out. people on welfare receive more than what most entry level
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americans make in an hour. so any wonder they're not jumping to get back on the job? the cato institute says it's not they're lazy. it's just that, well, they're pretty good with numbers and it's better for a lot of them to stay home as a result. what do you make of this? the study seems to throw in a lot of numbers that puts this figure at $38,000 in benefits if you include key programs, including welfare, which means it's better to stay home. right? >> well, look. there's no evidence that suggests that poor people are lazy, and every survey it suggests people o on welfare say they'd like to work, they're not happy being on welfare. just because they're not lazy, doesn't mean they're stupid. you pay people more not to work than to work, well, a lot of them will choose not to work. >> neil: if you have child care issues and the like, even if it comes out more for the job versus the benefits, when you sort out the expenses you're going to stay with the benefits. what are people doing?
1:26 pm
where is this trend going? >> we found there's a wide variation in welfare benefits inch mississippi, only 16-$17,000 a year in welfare benefits in a state like hawai'i it was almost $50,000. so that is a pretty good wage if you want to take it that way. >> neil: you know, worries me there's going to be a lot of people listening and watching saying, all the more reason that you double the minimum wage, all the more reason you bring it up to $15 an hour. i would flip it around and say all the more reason you scale back the benefits so they're so general didn't -- generous. >> raiding wages you just increase unemployment. you can't force companies to pay people more than the productivity that's provide. as soon as you start doing that, the companies basically just reduce the amount of labor they have going in. they reduce wages. you're already seeing that, of
1:27 pm
course, if obamacare. >> neil: welfare was supposed to be temporary in the beginning, supposed to be at a level that wouldn't even have you consider such a move. but between welfare and these other programs that augment and ad -- add to welfare, little incentive to leave. >> there are supposedly time limits for welfare, five years maximum, but a lot of states use their own funds to continue welfare benefits after the federal funds expire, and we know the work requirements in welfare are weak. nationwide, only 42% of welfare recipients are working, and many of what they call worker actually in jobs search or job training, not actually an unsubsidized job. >> neil: amazing. the study is on our web site, give it a peek. fascinating. in the meantime, great scott now he is thinking about giving
1:28 pm
the white house a shot. the former massachusetts senator on a mid-western state tour, including iowa. and he is not the only republican keeping 2016 in mind but can these mavericks win? monica has her doubts. >> well, scott brown said he is curious about testing out the presidential waters so is heading to iowa with a lot of other republicans who are just trying to test things out. scott brown is a nice guy, smart guy, he had that unbelievable win in massachusetts in 2010. based primarily on owncare and the opposition to it. but he has two main obstacles into the presidential run. number one, he is a northeast moderate, republican, which is a huge uphill battle. and also he lost his last race. so he doesn't have a platform from which to run. but i think it raises the broader question about moderates, particularly from the northeast, seeking the republican nomination this time around.
1:29 pm
we have run this experiment many times before with moderates. thinking, well, only this time. this time we'll have the best moderate candidate we can. >> neil: i don't know about moderate. deference to have had to cross over, let's say chris christie. >> chris christie may be in exception to the rule. >> neil: would you put him in a camp with a shot? >> definitely. and i know governor christie and he is mart and savvy. he may the be exception to the rule. when you look at the last couple of election cycles, everytime the republicans have gone down the road of trying to run a moderate, whether it's bob dole, john mccain, mitt romney, they think, well, we'll be able to appeal to moderates and independents and get some crossover democrat votes and it never works. voters want a discount route.
1:30 pm
i think it's going to be a very interesting race. you have libertarian candidates like rand paul and ted cruz, traditional conservatives like marco rubio and governor scott walker, wisconsin, and then you'll have some more traditionally moderate but tough talking folks like chris christie. >> neil: what if they can't sort this out before the election. a long series of gut fights the republicans had from 1964, if you think about it, all the way to 1980 when reagan -- >> that speaks to the need for a really charismatic, smart candidate who can unify all these different -- >> neil: you're not running to -- >> i'm out of it for now. i would about rope to a write-in candidate. >> neil: that might be happening. >> you'll be me vice-president,
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>> neil: chew on this. you no longer get to choose. a growing number of restaurants are taking the guess out of tipping by forcing the tipping and slapping it on your bill. some customers say the new policy is hard to swallow. others say it's not that bad. sonya is with us right now. big on this sort of stuff and thinks kites be a good move. takes the guesswork out. >> it's a win-win situation for the restaurant owners, for the wait staff, the chef, the people in the back of the house in the kitchen, as well as the diners. so if i'm a waiter, i don't need to worry how much i'm going to make in tips. >> neil: and don't need to worry about good service, because i get the 15% whether i do a good
1:36 pm
job or not. >> that's not the case. >> neil: who waiters, one is phenomenal, the other is a total loser. both get thing same tip. it's like switzerland. >> i think the wait staff is incentivized to deliver good service because they want to keep their job, and if you're -- >> neil: in this city, new york, it's unique, for waiters it's a stepping stone. they're all actors. i'm kidding. but it's a stepping stone. so maybe a loot -- i don't begrudge they want some job security, but i think you're overstating the case that this goes a long way to address that. >> i think if you are going to a restaurant tonight and there's a waiter serving you, they're going to want to keep their job tonight, tomorrow, the day after, at least for the near future. >> neil: what about the superwaiters, that are phenomenal and they know they're paid on the save level as the aform mentioned loser. then you're going to say why am i working my hiney off? >> those waiters that are the
1:37 pm
superwaters are going to tone to do well and if they stay in the restaurant industry will find other roles and be promoted. i think -- >> neil: you're hoping that some people get more than that. they'll be happy to throw more -- >> not necessarily. i think it's up to the diner if they want to provide more than what is already included on the bill. >> neil: a lot 0 people, you get good service, automatic gratuity built in, sometimes miami are so impressed they want go give more. >> yes, and that serve issue is so phenomenal will get promoted. there are other roles beyond wait staff that are hiver. >> neil: fair enough. do you think this will take the great service out and compel a lot of restaurants to find an excuse to raise the prices on a host of things natural the guise of, we're now providing better wages for workers, you have to pay more for the meal? >> i think end of the day this
1:38 pm
is about giving fair wages to employees and being able to allow restaurants and wait staff to focus on the quality service without worrying about what tip they're going to get. >> neil: i go to a lot of restaurants. i was at the international house of pancakes. just kidding. some of the really good waiters and waitresses, like to be phenomenal at their job and get compensated for it, and if they're really phenomenal, i've known many, many customers who will pay 20%, 25%. hannity pays up to 10%? but i'm saying that they -- people will reward those who take the extra step. i'm kidding about hannity. >> i think that's the prerogative. the wait staff was faction at the international house of pancakes. >> have you ever had such attitude in your life in france.
1:39 pm
>> that's just a cultural issue. japan has done it, many countries in europe have done it, including france and the uk. >> neil: see how it works out. it's a trend starting to pick up. if you're not into math, this is the way to go. you see the guy in the video? focus on him and what he is singing and try hard not to look at the babe dancing. i have a big surprise and robin fix got an even bigger surprise. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel
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>> neil: -robin is in the thick of it right now. this sounds similar to marvin gueye. this is the most popular tune of the summer, now spending its tenth straight week atop billboard charts. give it a look. ♪ >> neil: this is the late marvin gaye song, "got to give it up." ♪ >> neil: coincidence? representatives of the late marvin gaye do not think so. thicke is asking a federal judge to determine he is not ripping
1:44 pm
off anybody. maybe when it comes to this controversial video featuring near nude models, mr. gaye did not have anything of the sort but when it comes to the music the models are irating too -- irating too, that could be a different tune. nicole you say he could be in trouble? >> i feel like he might be fine. i think we're actually on the flip side of the issue. i think it comes down to whether or not the courts are going to think that this is significantly similar such that it is a copyright infringement, and i think you can have two pieces of art in the same style, which happens all the time and still not have a copyright infringement. so i -- >> neil: the beat is similar, and other issues raised here, similar sounds. you say what? >> well, i think what they're trying to say is it's a similar
1:45 pm
vibe, but if you listen to both songs it's not the vibe. you can hear in the instruments and the instrumental that it's clearly a sampling of marvin gaye song, sped-up version of the song. >> neil: a sped-up version of the song it's copying the song. >> it's copying. >> so thicke is in trouble. >> i agree there's some blurred lines here and they blurred the line with respect to how far they went in sampling the song. >> neil: they sound almost identical. >> it does. >> you don't care. >> i think it sounds -- >> neil: i was lisping to the music and not watching the video. >> it is fairly distracting, but the fact of the matter is that you can have style. you can't copyright the blue. you can't copyright reggae, and it's a style, and the question is, is this so strikingly similar in the notes and melody and what order it is in, is copyright infringement? >> neil: what if i it was, oh,
1:46 pm
yeah, might be marvin gaye fan, and it's just so happened in the back of his mind he did michigan that ended up copying the guy. >> i think it's more intentional. you can hear the beat. it's clearly a sampling. i don't think the producers of the song can say we heard and it were inspired. >> neil: why risk it knowing lawyers would say this? >> it happens all the time where songs are sampled and they're facing lawsuits. >> neil: obviously if you think about it, thicke was pro-active. he is going after them, saying essentially this is besmirching any name. >> he is trying to head the lawsuits off at the pass. the courts said you can use an idea but you can't copy something exactly. so it's almost like the obscenity laws. the judges have to decide on a
1:47 pm
case-by-case basis, you know it when you see it. >> neil: or when you hear it. i'm no music expert but there's a similarity, but that's more than just a little bit like it. >> i think the judges are going to have to listen to the song and make a common sense -- >> neil: what do they do in these cases? >> they'll have to less robin thicke know or decide whether or not the sampling is too similar, and if it is we may owe money to the marvin gaye family. >> neil: pay the models in the music video. >> exactly. >> the models don't have to worry about robin thicke may have to worry. >> neil: the number one song this summer. who knew that it could be controversial. his career wouldn't be besmirched as a result? >> i think -- sampling a song and not having an original idea and then pro-actively going
1:48 pm
after the family when it could be ruled this is too similar could definitely besmirch his career and credibility as an artist. >> he is not lip syncing anything? >> if agree. it's a hit and i don't think anything is going to change that. >> neil: all right. word to the wise, anyone with your world as cavuto, i'm coming after you. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker.
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♪ it is amazing how much this stuff stays in the news. you might want to get ready for this. they're like cheerleaders but with your health records.
1:52 pm
these navigators that are supposed to trumpet benefits of the health care law, they have powers that rival irs agents that will soon be policing the law. they're not so much and so many. attorney general allen wilson says that's the problem. that's why he wants to put a stop to these navigators and maybe down the road the law itself. attorney general, good to have you. i didn't realize that the navigators have free reign and we don't know who we're giving that free reign to. >> no, we don't. that's one of the concerns i share with 12 other attorneys general in the country. i want to thank patrick morrissey for taking the lead on this issue. when we looked at this navigaorr program, we were deeply concerned. this creates more questions than answers. and that's what the attorneys general around the country are concerned about, that we're not adequately protecting consumers in the respective states from
1:53 pm
privacy invasion or having their identity stolen. >> what i wonder about, attorney general, if someone is trying to compel me to join, be part of the health care law, to join an exchange, then they probably know something about my health, know something about the benefits i have so they can make a pitch for me to change what i have. so i fear they have access to that information and i worry all the more when folks that have access to the information haven't even had a background check and can use it for other nefarious purposes. >> absolutely, neil, that's the problem. there are vague backgrounds on who is monitoring skeptical.
1:54 pm
we're doing everything we can to sell a turkey. >> $67 million, the last number i read. i heard that the secretary of dhhs, diverted money from disease prevention to market this product. we're spending more time marketing a product that's becoming more defective each day that it is out there, instead of putting the money where it
1:55 pm
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1:59 pm
ask yourself whether with all of the mergers we have already seen whether any of this nickel and diming has stopped. it hasn't. still the same penny pinching we saw before these guys started meeting, as they started meeting, and i suspect long after they have been meeting. it is easy to see why. the baggage fees, aisle seat fees, too fat to sit in one seat fee. they add up to billions for the airline. whether american and us airways are together or forced to fly their separate ways, do not assume you, the flying passenger, are separated from this reality. you are still royally feed. how you printout tickets to fly, where on the plane you fly, what you bring on the plane as you fly. it doesn't matter where you store it, you're paying for it, and none of that changes. may i suggest this change.
2:00 pm
take command, fly, commit. tonight, the jetblue founder on why that might make more sense than you think. seriously. why he thinks it is all about service, and unless these guys do that, the whole industry is down. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, with bob beckel, dana perino, brian kilmeade, eric bolling. it is 5:00. this is "the five." the debate over racial profiling in america was reignited with the trayvon martin case and the uproar over stand your ground laws. now another law is coming under intense national scrutiny and that is stop and frisk. last week, a federal judge banned new york police department from using the crime fighting tool, saying it targets minorities, yesterday, trayvon martin's mother and the head of the naacp got in

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